she’s so effortlessly sexy.

Get to know me meme: [1/12] favorite female biases
          ↳Hyuna: “I want to become a brand. I hope that when you think of Hyuna, you think of the word, “hot.” Red is a passionate and strong color. To that extent, I want to show a passionate image.”

so hyuna wrote the lyrics for this song and tbh don’t talk bad about kim hyuna because she will come back at you and she WENT IN on this

140730 Hyuna @ Show Champion

"The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence." - Beyoncé


4minute fan challenge: 2 touching moments

4minute’s 1st Win and 4minute’s most recent win

The fact that these girls have remained so thankful and humble after all these years is part of why I love them so much. They’re always so emotional with every win. You can tell that they haven’t forgotten the obstacles. They haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be the underdogs. I don’t care what people say about 4minute, I will always support them.

'A TALK' poster image

Hyuna’s First Win #RED