i miss you

i didn’t go anywhere!

“I’m very proud of 4minute. No matter how others criticize us, I believe all five of us are amazing individuals. I think we’re all irreplaceable. Just like when Gayoon unnie was sick or when I was sick, we were all so worried and we found it hard to continue on even with four other members. Don’t get sick and weary, guys. Let’s hold on and keep going with one heart and one goal, just like we are now.”-hyuna

4minute fan challenge: [1/3] favorite pairings in 4minute

↳ ahga


"when you hear 4minute, you automatically think of hyuna"


soloist hyuna // change era.

100227 change live (ft. backdancer!)

Hyuna’s reality show premieres on July 21st at 11PM KST on SBS MTV!

49/100 of kwon sohyun