watch doin’ today teaser number two!

"I am a very confident and honest woman. There is a huge discrepancy between my onstage and offstage persona. I like to be provocative and enthralling when I’m on stage. But because that "sexy HyunA" image is so embedded that most people think that I would be like that offstage, which isn’t true. I consider myself a visual performer." - Kim Hyuna

140330 - Yesterday was 4minute’s first win! 4minute defeated 2ne1 and Snsd. This isn’t why this win is important. This win is important to 4nias because no one expected it. We’re a small fandom compare to the two groups. People look down on our girls. They thought 4minute didn’t have a chance to win this comeback. 4minute was underestimated. There were a lot of negative remarks about the song but guess what our girls proved them wrong! So congrats to our girls!  #오늘뭐해1STWIN


Girl, You Better Walk.

With Rita Ora and HyunA, Funny Or Die

♡ 4minute’s aegyo ♡

a handful of the many faces of kim hyuna.

How 4minute strolls on stage

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Hyuna teaching Rita Ora the dance to “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”